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Name:Jakob Reinhardt
Disclaimer I am not Michael Fassbender, nor do I claim to represent or own him. This is a roleplay journal, for fun and RP only. Muse and mun are 18+. Jakob Reinhardt is my own creation.

Name: Jakob Reinhardt
Residence: Amsterdam
Occupation: Carjacker
Children: None

Jakob is a carjacker by choice, not necessity. Growing up in Amsterdam, he picked up the trade in his neighborhood, taken under the wing of a few spirited thieves who saw his potential. He can jimmy a car faster than you can say jackknife, and start most with the very same. He's all callouses and lean muscles to the glance, but his smile can charm the socks right off your feet. He's got a bite of sarcasm and a friendly joke for most people he runs across. A perfect gentleman when he has a mind to it, he would swipe your car with a smile and a wave before you ever saw it coming. He can hold his own in a fight, and he'll take no prisoners if something dear to him is threatened. He has a penchant for feeding strays when no one is around to watch him.

Always carries a pair of jack knives wherever he goes.
Always has to have a smoke either during or after a job, sometimes before and after
Won't turn down a roll if he has the time to kill, but never before a job or it messes with his concentration
Drinks his coffee straight up black
Feeds stray cats at the park near his place
Works odd jobs around the city, always changing.
Jacking cars is the biggest rush he knows, always wound up after a job.

Soft spot for kids and strays
Irrational when his protective streak kicks in
Blindly loyal to a fault at times.

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